Frequently asked questions

What can I expect when working with your Capital Markets experts?

By working with Colliers, you can maximize the time you invest. More than just a transactional resource, your Colliers expert will be a strategic advisor that will work creatively for your success. We’re passionate about what we do and we build our client relationships on a foundation of memorable service and enduring trust. Our global platform gives us the power to deliver integrated services seamlessly, wherever and however you choose to do business. Our expertise, relationships, commitment and drive translate into billions of square feet transacted annually. At the end of the day, we save you time. If you’re seeking to make an acquisition, get started now by exploring available properties in your area.

Can Colliers help me secure financing?

Colliers experts have experience in financing across the spectrum of today’s financial instruments, from private equity to CMBS. We work with hundreds of national and international capital sources to ensure you’re connected with the right financial partner. Our investment advisors are in the market each and every day, connecting clients to a global network of capital providers, including credit companies, pension funds, commercial banks and Wall Street conduits to achieve the most beneficial terms for all stakeholders in a real estate transaction.

What differentiates Colliers?

We generate value and save you time by pairing you with the right people and the right opportunities anywhere in the world. Your Colliers advisor is your partner and will navigate you through the complex landscape of investing, utilizing a dynamic set of financing instruments to simplify the buy-and-sell process and deliver success. From due diligence on investment opportunities to robust marketing campaigns, Colliers has the global clout you need to deliver measurable results on your investments. We love what we do and at Colliers we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations. Our professionals challenge themselves to see things differently and consistently achieve outcomes that exceed our clients’ expectations.